A.K.A. Dwarf Bilberry / Lowbush Blueberry / Sierra Bilberry / Whortleberry / Dwarf Grouseberry / Mountain Blueberry.

  • Yugtun (Central Yup’ik): Uqurlziq / Uquglziq.
  • Lingít Yoo Xʼatángi (Tlingit): Ts’iikáx̲kw‘ / Ts’éekáx̲kw‘ / Katatłaax̲.
  • Sm’álgyax (Tsimshian): Mihał / Miháał.
  • Vaccinium cespitosum from the Heath (Ericaceae) family, found in Southcentral and Southeast Alaska. Dwarf Blueberry looks smaller than other blueberry plants, and is more matted, making the berries harder to pick. It has finely toothed/serrated leaves. Edible raw/cooked.