September 9

Woods, Ester: Cranberry picked, both lowbush and highbush, both types nice. Everything is quite saturated from rain. Also found good crowberries and strawberry spinach. Red bearberries are past (I found many this time in Sept. before.)

August 18

Ester Dome, Ester: Picked highbush cranberry in spots the berries weren’t wrecked. Not very many berries per cluster. Blueberries perfect. Crowberries perfect, very big and sweet this year. Red bearberry perfect. Lowbush cranberries red and fat but crispy, not ripe. Still lots of weird mushrooms everywhere.

July 3

Ester Dome, Ester: Picked red currants, ready and nice. Some blueberries ready but mostly too green, look good. Some red bearberries ready. Crowberries look ripe but aren’t. Raspberry, lowbush/highbush cranberry all have green berries. Nagoonberry still flowering.