September 9

Woods, Ester: Cranberry picked, both lowbush and highbush, both types nice. Everything is quite saturated from rain. Also found good crowberries and strawberry spinach. Red bearberries are past (I found many this time in Sept. before.)

August 14

South Fork Eagle River Trail, Eagle River: Crowberries and blueberries have some green and some ripe berries. Lots of ripe trailing raspberries. Some old trailing black currants and watermelon berries around. Lowbush cranberry is red/unripe and bearberry is mostly green. Prolific mushroom time here like everywhere.

August 11

Tangle Lakes, Paxson: Picked bulk blueberries. Plenty to be had both ripe and unripe. Crowberries are ready but unripe in big areas. Alpine bearberries are perfect, and pretty tasty for bearberries. Lowbush cran are red and unripe. Bearberries (kinnikinnick) unripe, some turning red. Lots of soapberries are ready in sunny spots. People eating plenty of edible mushrooms.

July 15

Hatcher Pass, Fishhook: Black bearberries half green/blue. Crowberries have small green berries in some areas. Lowbush cranberry flowering. Nagoonberries flowering. Lots of blooming wildflowers in general, pink, yellow etc. Lots of white heather flowers, king’s crown.

August 7

Swamp land, Big Lake: Picked ripe crowberries (perfect) and a few blueberries. Lowbush cranberries are about half ripe. Lowbush cran in many spots in the Valley don’t seem to have many berries this year compared to other years. Bog cranberries seem about half ripe.

August 18

UAF, Fairbanks: Trailing raspberry berries on trails. Some ripe blueberries. Few crowberries, but ripe. Bunchberries great and tons of them. Lowbush cranberries half ripe and crispy. Highbush cranberries red and nice, still tart.