June 22

Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge, Wasilla: Picked lots of perfect, huge rose petals. A few rosehips are ready. Northern black currants are big and green. Raspberries and nagoonberries are small and green, a few beginning to redden.

July 26

Nordic trails, Girdwood: Forest- Picked Alaska and Early blueberries. Enough berries are ripe to go picking, but plenty are still green. Trailing black currants and trailing raspberries are plentiful and almost ripe. Perfect watermelon berries, elderberries, and reddening highbush cran plentiful here (like everywhere). In the meadows- cloudberries are plentiful and perfect/tasty! Really good bog blueberries too. Bog cranberries red but not ripe.

September 2

Carlo Creek, Cantwell/Denali Park: On trails into alpine areas. Some of the best red currants I’ve seen, growing like grapes in a vineyard. Ripe and delicious and incredibly plentiful. Many ripe blueberries, juicy but not as tasty as the Fairbanks berries. Many ripe crowberries and other alpine berries.

July 21

Ester Dome, Ester: Picked tons of blueberries. Many ripe some still not ripe. Also lots of nagoonberries! Lots of lowbush cranberry this year, not ripe yet. Quite a few ripe raspberries. Saw ripe crowberries, cloudberries, timberberries, soapberries.