June 17

Ester Dome, Ester: Has been hot statewide and high/extreme fire danger. Rose petals mostly off, some rosehips, lots of rose galls. Tons of wildflowers: tall jacob’s ladder, yellow cinquefoil, dogwood, labrador tea, cotton grass, capitate valarian, etc. Extra lots of bluebell. Raspberry flowering with some green berries. Abundant nagoonberry flowering. Cloudberry finishing flowering. Soapberry ripe. Red currant, crowberry, and highbush/lowbush cranberry have green berries. Nice green blueberries with some purple color.

July 21

Ester Dome, Ester: Picked tons of blueberries. Many ripe some still not ripe. Also lots of nagoonberries! Lots of lowbush cranberry this year, not ripe yet. Quite a few ripe raspberries. Saw ripe crowberries, cloudberries, timberberries, soapberries.